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Selection Criteria

Materials nominated for digitization should follow the program’s selection criteria:

  • statewide and/or local historical significance that contributes to an understanding of the history of California and its people
  • availability of description for the nominations
  • intellectual property rights in the public domain, held by the owning institution, or secured from the rights holder, when possible
  • evidence of collaboration among community heritage organizations
  • technical limitations of equipment to digitize original sources
  • cost of digitization relative to available project funding

Also consider:

  • risk of loss due to physical condition and format obsolescence
  • titles most requested by users

In general, the following content should be excluded:

  • institutional history, unless the institution is/was among the major contributors in California on the content’s subject
  • published or broadcast content, unless copyright is held by the owning library, or secured from the rights holder
  • high school, collegiate and university sports, unless event has historical significance beyond the game itself
  • material duplicates or heavily overlaps material that has already been digitized

Preference is given to collections that reflect communities who traditionally have been underrepresented in the historical narrative of California. 

Please visit the California Revealed collection to get a sense of the content preserved so far.