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Unit 99 show no. 36 part 2, show no. 35 part 2
Report to the people
Sacramento, a place to remember
[First Lady Pat Nixon at State Capitol planting camellia shrub]
D.J. Show - Max Baer and Al Shaver for Paraplegic Fund
The Rudy Vallee Hour
Bob Nolan The Best Things in Life featuring Max Baer
Max Baer Interviews - Charles Laughton, Royal Beal
Clyde Beatty, Arthur Lake, Kirk Douglas
Larry Cotton, Jean Simmons, Alan Young
Jack Dempsey, Joan Dempsey, David Rose, Victor Mature
Dewey Martin, Buddy Baer, Steve Geray
Preston Foster, Wayne Morris interview
Max Baer Broadcast with Jimmie Durante & Eddie Jackson
Billy Daniels guest on Max Baer Show
Max Baer Show guest Humphrey Bogart, Jan Sterling
Max Baer Show (Cliff House)