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Kenneth Hahn, Washington, others with Employment sign
Occcupational Therapist Working with Tuberculosis Patients
Minnie Lu's Restaurant
Sumida Drug Store staff
Yow Joe and George Challing in Tulare
Women Working in Cannery, Visalia, Calif.
California Job Journal 1988-11-14
Shades of Watsonville - Antoinette's 1st Job
SBFD Training Exercise, ca. 1950s
Job Training on Oil Well Servicing, Unit No. 7
Job Agents
Hire the 40 plus worker
Tomato Sorting
Farm Field Workers Harvesting Potatoes
Chinatown: Portrait of a Working Community
Shades of Oxnard - Restaurant Workers
Men working in trench, California Labor School
Labor Day Parade participants and onlookers, San Francisco, Calif., California Labor School
Assembly line workers inside Ferry-Morse plant
Muni Training Film Test