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Missions, Catalina, fireworks
Black, Gray and White: The Foundings and Fading of the California Missions
Mission Era Gardens and Landscapes
The Mission Environment
California Through the Eyes of European Observers 1769-1821
Family Life in Hispanic California
Archaeology at Mission San Juan Capistrano and Related Sites
Mission San Jose Sesquicentennial Celebration, Mexican Dancers at the Play 'Let the Bell Ring Again'
The California Missions
Mission San Jose and St. Joseph Church, circa 1910-1915
MIssion San Jose & St. Joseph Church
Burning of Saint Judas, Annual Easter Event 1871-1897
St. Joseph Church and Mission San Jose
Outdoor Mass for the Centennial Celebration, June 13, 1897
St. Joseph Cemetery at Mission San Jose, 1947
St. Joseph Cemetery at Mission San Jose, 1921
4 Unknown Men in a Car in front of Stanley's Agricultural Works
Mission San Jose in 1879 during the Holy Ghost Parade