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Map of a Portion of the Natoma Subdivision
Folsom Reservoir Project American River - Natoma Canal
Map Showing the Encroachment of the State of California on the Property of the Folsom Water Power Company
Dredge No. 6 Showing Prospects and Progress
Prospect and Topo Map Humbug Hill Dredge No. 10
Teats Flat Natoma No. 1
Dredge No. 6 Showing Prospect and Recovery Values and Area in Ravine
Folsom Dam with Power Plant and Flood Control Features
Folsom S.E. Quadrangle
Map of the Town of Folsom, Sacramento County
Masonic Cemetery
Map of City of Folsom
Prospect Map Perrazzo Tract
Union Dredging Company Prospecting Property Near Folsom, Ca.
City Park - Folsom, California
[Ashburton Mining Company and Natomas Company Prospect Map]
Map of Land Prospected by Folsom Development Company
Map of the American River and Natoma Water and Mining Company's Canals
Map of Proposed Reservoir near Folsom
Prospect Holes 1905 - 1906
Finch and White Examinations
[Assessor's Map of a Portion of Folsom]
[Assessor's Map of a Portion of North Folsom]