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Gee Family, Bowling, 1979
Home Movies of the Cameron Family: Tenaya
Jung Family, Backyard Parties
Family in Bakersfield w/ sister Joanne, Mother, Sean (about 8)
Family Portrait
Jimmy 1937
Gee Family, Train, 1982
Omar Aguilar and Catarino Aguilar on a three wheeler
Shades of Humboldt - Family Portrait
[Home movies. Haas/Lilienthal. 1934 Wedding]
Family life in the 1930s
Home movie:  Bette Cox, Los Angeles, California, 1972
Shades of Sutter County - Family Portrait
Shades of Anaheim - Thanksgiving
Shades of South San Francisco - Ballet Practice
Shades of South San Francisco - Family
Esparza family, East Los Angeles, California
Oroville Recreation
Camp Sacramento home movies
Oral interview of Manuela Serna