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 Little People of America Conventions  1962/1967
Catholic Life Scenes in Oakland and San Francisco, 1950s
Marion Ashley Moreno Valley Riverside County District 5 Supervisor #2
The Looters: Back from Nicaragua
Sideways at Laguna Art Museum: artist Wayne Thiebaud interviewed by Gene Cooper
Ray Bradbury: UCR Humanities 400 Theatre
Dyke March San Francisco 1993
9. Big Pines
Manzanar 1943 - 1945 Footage
Shirley Chisholm: UCR Humanities 400 Theatre
Stanford Prison Experiment (with sound)
Marin City Flea Market, circa 1990 [photograph 009]
Palos Verdes, The City of Dreams Come True
California Nursery Tulip Show at Niles, April 1932
La Cañada Schools: Patty Compeau and Mary Lou Langedyke
Born of the People: Ho Chi Minh and Malcolm X
Dome City U.C.S.C
Folsom Street Fair 1993
UC Blackwelder Tomato Harvester