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[Southern Pacific et al.]
When Winter Comes
San Jose Roundhouse
Oral interview of Michael O'Hare
Oral interview of Thor R. Warhaus
Our dining car recipes
Apples: Apple Dish Recipes
[Railroad freight car filled with gigantic strawberries]
[Railroad freight car filled with giant apple]
[Railroad freight car filled with giant peaches]
[Railroad freight car filled with giant tomatoes]
[Railroad freight car transports a giant watermelon]
[Railroad flat car loaded with giant strawberries]
[Southern Pacific recipe booklet]
Eat California fruit
[Big Trees Excursion]
[Sacramento Boat Parade]
[Railfair 1981 Opening Day Ceremonies]
[Southern Pacific No. 4294 being switched in Sacramento Shops]
Map of the Sacramento Division -- Southern Pacific
Mountain Quarry Railroad Construction Photograph Album no. 029
Harry M. Williamson Photograph Album no. 032