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[Farm Labor #1]
[KCRA daily newsfilm #11, September 1960]
Redevelopment footage
[Capital Punishment]
Calif. For 1-A #2002
[Governor Edmund "Pat" Brown #3]
[Governor Edmund "Pat" Brown #4]
Point Reyes, 1961
[Eleanor Roosevelt and Governor Edmund G. (Pat) Brown for Israel Bonds Development Corporation of America]
Perspectives on Department Administration, California 1953-1966
Frederick Dutton: Democratic Campaigns and Controversies, 1954-1966
Comstock Club Speakers: 101-104
Comstock Club Speakers: 9-13
Pat Brown: Friends and Campaigners
KNTV Channel 11 News Reels September 13, 1966
[Governor Edmund "Pat" Brown #1]
Historical footage
KNTV Channel 11 News Reels September 14, 1966
[U.C. Berkeley Academic News]
Interview with Pat Brown
Edmund G. Brown press conference film footage
[Governor Edmund "Pat" Brown #2]
[University of California, Berkeley. Charter Day, 1962. President John F. Kennedy]