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East Fork City Creek Bridge - first section
Blackstar Canyon Road
Yucca mohavensis root system. Morongo Valley, California
Yucca brevifolia. 6 miles east of Cajon Pass, California
Yucca mohavensis. Morongo Valley, California, no. 1
Yucca mohavensis. Morongo Valley, California, no. 2
Orange grove. Redlands, California
Plants from Victorville, California
Drive at Redlands, California
Dalea johnsonii. Victorville, California
Atriplex. Victorville, California
Yucca brevifolia. Victorville, California
Baccharis emoryi. Victorville, California
Yard. Redlands, California
Walk at Hotel. Redlands, California
Atriplex canescens. Victorville, CA
Superior Court in the West End
Olson Negatives, Box 010: Image 0010 (a)
Stoddard Canyon, California
Olson Negatives, Box 009: Image 0109
1980 San Bernardino Fire
Date Palms. Redlands, California
North end of Old Woman Mts., California
Mojave River south of Hesperia, California