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Three Bridge Girders of San Diego-Coronado Bridge Under Construction
Atop Bridge Showing Gap and Floating Crane
Bridge Toll Booths at Entrance to Coronado with Wing Design Cover
Aerial of Mid-Section Construction Work to Road Bed with Crane
Bridge Girders and Steel Underside Seen from Coronado Landing
Construction of San Diego-Coronado Bridge seen from Barrio Logan, San Diego
Completed San Diego-Coronado Bridge seen from Coronado Golf Course
Governor Ronald Reagan Speaking at Bridge Inauguration Ceremony
Completed San Diego-Coronado Bridge Seen Behind Now-Gone Elementary School and Navy Housing
San Diego-Coronado Bridge Minus Two Spans, Seen from Hotel del Coronado
Crane Lowering Prefabricated Steel Section for Roadway
Atop Bridge Showing Steel Framing, Roadway Surface, and Workers
Exposed Cross-Section, Girder, and Crane
Aerial Nearly Complete Section of Bridge Landing, Point Loma in Background
Steel Cross-Framing Below Road Surface