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[Southern Pacific Narrow Gauge Excursion / Western Pacific Budd RDC Excursion]
[Scenes of Rio Vista and Fort Bragg]
[Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe to Piedra Excursion / Hangtown Express Excursion]
[Weekend in the Sierra Pines Excursion / Opening of the San Francisco Maritime Museum]
[Virginia and Truckee Excursion from Reno to Minden / San Francisco Bay to Napa Valley]
[Scenes of Fort Bragg to Willits]
[Excursion on the McCloud River Railroad / Dunsmuir Railroad Days Celebration]
[Southern Pacific Mainline Action in the Early 1950s]
[Scenes from Southern Pacific Coast Division, Feather River, Western Pacific, Oroville, Oakland Pier, and West Oakland]
[Depot to Hyde Street Pier; Hi-level to Fresno and Visalia Excursion]
[Sacramento Northern Excursion / Pacific Electric Excursion / Southern Pacific Narrow Gauge Excursion]
House Made of Dawn: The Story of Mary Jane Colter
Governor Wilson's Inaugural Kickoff at California State Railroad Museum
Women in the California Gold Rush / Women Have Always Worked
Putting on the Big Hat: Labor and Lore of Oakland's Redcaps / Holding the Fort: The Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters
Those Pullman Blues