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[Easter, 1939]
Elmer [Von Glahn] on Gates Ranch
[Elmer Von Glahn showing machinery, tractors and harvesting]
Diary of Anne Armor
Anne and Bill Armor
Family and folks
[Anne and Bill Armor at Doyle Springs, 1949]
[Christmas] 1947, La Quinta
Anne and Bill, birthday, Doyles
World Fair '39, Rose Bowl, Christmas 1939
Love life and growth of cotton
[Kings River, gliders, pelicans & miscellany]
[Pelicans, Tulare Lake, flood scenes at Doyle]
Cotton and Cattle
Doyles, 1938
[Bill Armor, 1946]
Anne's first birthday
Grain Harvest
[Anne and Bill Armor, Summer 1948]
Baby in Playpen
Anne and Bill, 1945