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KPFA: 8 Billion Burgers to Earth; Interview with the Editor of Mother Jones 1980
KPFA: BART Opening Day; Reports on Vietnam War, 1972
KPFA: The News from the Mission - B.A.R.T. Causing Gentrification; Refleciones de la Raza;1973(?)
Rachel Carson Syndrome; Politicized Science: Commentary with Keith Murray, Commentary with Dick Meister; KPFA News, 1972
TWLF Strike Picketline on Various Locations on Campus (Original Recording), 1969
KPFA: 'Chinese in America'; Programs about Women and Affirmative Action; Reflecciones de la Raza; The Chicano Experience, 1972
KPFA: Japan Press about Okinawa Islands; Free Huey Benefit Announcement, 1969
KPFA: 'The Roots of the Present in Indonesia', February 17th
Collection of Noon Rallies at UC Berkeley (Original Recording), 1969
Black Renaissance (KFOG), 1973
KPFA Segment on People's Park; Excerpts From the 'Strike at Frisco State' Pamphlet, 1968
Loni Hancock - Money and Budget; 'Energy and Imperialism-II' (KPFA), 1973
KPFA: 'The Question' by Harvey Wheeler; UC Berkeley demonstration'
Chinese Student Chorus Performance;Frente de Liberacion del Pueblo Meeting/Rally, 1969
KGO News, 1967
KPFA: International News; European Press Review
News on the Arab Oil Crisis; President Richard Nixon's State of the Union Address; Senate Multination Subcommittee Hearing, 1974
Underground: the Life of a Political Fugitive; Commonwealth Club: Trade with China; KPFA News
KPFA News: 9/18/79
Young Lords Solidarity Noon Rally; Antonio Camejo (Original Recording), 1970