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Two Children Outside
Woodland High School Championship Game 1939
The Township Register 1930-11-13
The Township Register 1940-12-20
Shades of South San Francisco - Enterprise Foundry
The Enterprise 1896-05-23
Woodville Camp Aerial View, 002
[Biography of Theodore D. Judah]
Doctor Checking a Girl
Edgar Patterson
The Enterprise 1897-07-10
Ernestina Martinez, East Los Angeles, California
Sam's Market, 001
Eastern Star organization, 1933
Sweet Adelines
Shades of Whittier - Cheerleaders
Robert Winter interview
Shades of Monterey - Chickens
Andre Previn
The Enterprise 1921-07-01
Shades of South San Francisco - POT Day
Gay Chan with Lawrence and Linda Chan
The Township Register 1931-11-26
Birthday Celebration