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[Railroad ticket]
[Central Pacific Railroad berth tickets]
[Central Pacific Railroad travel pass]
[Correspondence signed by Samuel Skerry Montague]
[Correspondence signed by Mark Hopkins]
[Western Pacific Railroad broadside]
[Western Pacific Railroad broadside]
[San Francisco-Sacramento Railroad broadside]
[Broadside issued jointly by Denver & Rio Grande and Western Pacific Railroads]
[Central Pacific Railroad Company broadside]
[Central Pacific Railroad broadside]
[Southern Pacific Railroad stock car 74740]
[Drawing of a farm crossing gate]
[Southern Pacific Railroad stock car 76701]
[Southern Pacific recipe booklet]
The Overland trail : From the Golden Gate to the Great Salt Lake
Western Pacific  - Finned Furred Feathered
[Group portrait of Central Pacific Railroad employees: Car Department]
River scene at Sacramento
River and steamers at Sacramento City
Railroad wharves at Sacramento City
Netherlands Route Sacramento River
[Sacramento Valley promotional leaflet]