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National City Library (4)
Man in knickers, with hat on a fan palm lined road
The Pioneer 1978-02
A home, location unknown
[Protagonist, Antagonist Debate Merits, Justification for House Committee]
Southern California Indian Sand Paintings
The Township Register 1940-04-05
Beautiful California - West Point Inn, Mt. Tamalpais
The Township Register 1928-11-08
Leonard Fein, Bringing Up the Jewish Child: A Reconsideration
Farmers and Merchants Bank, 1906
The Township Register 1947-06-06
Shades of Kern County, Taft - Family Portrait
Summit School second and third grades, February 1919
The Township Register 1936-03-26
Aerial Shot - Bay (3)
The Township Register 1951-06-08
Cal Band: Pregame GSB
The Township Register 1929-02-14
Bojorques Part 2 (continued)
Santa Ana Journal 1938-10-08
Backyard, E.L. Bride Osborne
The Township Register 1935-01-03
Griffith Park Children's Zoo and San Diego Chimp