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The Enterprise 1901-10-12
An Evening with Nicholas Meyer
Rodolfo Gallegos, taken at a bar in Madera
Oral history, Ira Bonde, Recollections: Willow Road West
Crisanto Castro Jr.
Shades of Sutter County - Wedding
Santa Ana Journal 1938-10-26
The Township Register 1948-03-12
Sweetwater Dam
Nancy Swenson Williams with her parents in Paxton, Illinois
The Enterprise 1921-03-25
Ira Harbison Children
Shades of Kern County, Frazier Park - Marme
Frank Ogawa
 Widening of San Antonio Rd.
The Township Register 1937-05-21
Overview of a huge pipe (penstock) going up the mountain
Group preparing for a play
Shades of Long Beach - Funeral
Fossil locality. Rancho La Brea. General landscape. (A.11360.95-1-14)
Whelan Home
Interview With Harry Dick Ross
Posy Parade, June 2, 1991