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LA 1988 Friday - Preaching
1972 LA General Conference
National Alcoholic Ministry, UFMCC
UFMCC General Conference 1999 Reports and Directives
God, Gays and the Gospel video recording
General Conference 1979 LA
Challenges We Face as Gay and Lesbian Christians
"God, Gays and the Gospel: This is Our Story" en espanol
Orientation Long Beach - Worship
First UFMCC Marian Shrine, MCC Glendale
1984 Christopher St. West Parade, part 1
UFMCC Trial Hymnal 1981
Orientation 1985 - Worship
Orientation 1986, LA - Preaching
Orientation 1986, Pomona
Orientation 1987, Long Beach
Orientation 1989, LA - Christian Education
Orientation Long Beach - Preaching
Vocabularies of Faith Workshop
Love Styles