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Barbara Diamond Bridge Dedication, 1989,  and Hayden Cabin  Old Timers Days 1987, Mammoth Lakes
Hayden Cabin Docent Orientation, 1991, by Jack Greth
Ethyl Zumpstein interview, 1995.
Hayden Cabin Old Timers interviews, 1987
Hayden Cabin history, 1991, by Jack Greth.
Pre-WestFest Event at the Hayden Cabin, 8/10/1991
Alicia Blackwell (professional weaver) at the Hayden Cabin, 1992
Bob Schotz interview, 6/20/1996.
Joe and Bonnie Zwart interview, 7/25/1996.
Chip Van Nattan interview, 1996.
Bud Long Interview at Hayden Cabin, 1992
Irene Marone at the Hayden Cabin, 1993