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Interview with Fred Dunn, IBEW Journeyman Wireman and contractor; and  Johnny Leanu
Interview with Steve Blancarte, member of IBEW Local 11
Interview with Neshtey Crudup, Journeywoman Electrician
Interview with Ralph Norrington, IBEW business agent
Interviews about IBEW layoffs
Interviews with IBEW Electricians Ralph Cronk, Ralph Larkin, Toby Kalstrin, and Dan Cohen
Interviews with IBEW Electricians Frank [Stricklen], Phil [Bruce], and Joe Salas
IBEW Home Movies
Interviews with IBEW Electricians Jay Gromme and Gene Drogin
Interview with  Joe Telles, IBEW Electrician
Interview with Jim Clinton, IBEW Electrician
Interviews and conversations conducted at an IBEW Local 11 retirees picnic
Interviews about union dispatch system
Interview with Roosevelt, IBEW Electrician
Interview with Aubrey A. Williams, IBEW Electrician
IBEW Local 11 Retirees Interviews
Travel Footage of IBEW Electrician Gene Drogin
TANG (Tradeswomen Address the Next Generation) Project Interviews