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Mural on Building in Exeter, Calif., 001
Mural on Business Wall in Exeter, Calif.
El Toro Marine Base Closing
Exeter mural.
Disneyana Convention
Interesting Facts and Information in Regard to San Bruno, California, the Gateway City ca. 1923
Book An Evening with the GAP
OCN Tape #0802
San Bruno Community Directory, 1990
OCN tape #02513
Official Program at Tanforan, 1941 Season, November 28
Official Program, Tanforan Fall Meeting, 25 Days of Racing, November 30, 1938
500 Block of San Mateo Ave., 1940
San Bruno's Volunteer Fire Department Truck, San Mateo Ave., 1920s
Children Ready for the Posy Parade, 1945
Junction House, Corner of El Camino and San Mateo Ave., late 1800s
Children Preparing for Posy Parade
Tanforan Official Program, Spring Meeting,  April 28, 1934
Tanforan Golden Jubilee Meeting, 1899-1949, November 1 Through December 17
OCN Tape #00810