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Duane King and John Gray - Convergence of Cultures
Marc Wanamaker - Western Cinema : Real and Imagined
Elliot West - Nez Perce Indian War V.1
Emily McEwan - The Mission Inn, Riverside CA
Thomas Andrews - Industrializing the West
Steve Lech - Formation of Riverside County
Nick Curry : Guggenheim, L. A. West
Eric Nelson - Gold Rush Mail, Stamp Talk
Nicolas Witschi - I Don't Like Newspaper Notoriety : Gunslingers
Glen Dawson - Reminiscences of an ex-rock climber
Bill Deal "Elk Whistle" Native American Flute Player
Froy Tiscareno - Letters from San Juan
Eric Nelson - Louis Gottschalk's CA (Mis)Adventure
Glen Creason - As the City Grew
John Robinson and Willis Osborn: Camp Baldy
Carol and Ken Pauley : San Fernando, Rey de Espana
Phil Brigandi - Knott's Berry Farm : The Early Years
Sayre MacNeil - Walk San Francisco - Los Angeles, May 1907
Sven Crongeyer - Early History of L.A. Sheriff's Dept.
Gary Turner - The Last Cattle Drive, Life of Tom Turner
Paul Spitzerri - Criminal Justice, Growth and Stability in LA 1850-1875
Angela Aleiss with M. Wanamaker - Making the White Man's Indian : Native Americans and Hollywood Movies
Eric Nelson and Michael Patris - Frank Newton's Legacy
Arrowhead Springs History, Health Spa, Hotels, Bottled Water