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Glen Creason - As the City Grew
Paul Rippens : The Mann - Gulch Tragedy
Bill Warren - Bird's Eye Views of California
Ann and Farley Olander - Responding to the Mountains Call
Dr. Laura Barrcalough - Rural Urbanism : Western Heritage & Postwar Geography of Los Angeles
Froy Tiscareno - Letters from San Juan
Terry Terrell - The Hidden Castle of Rubeilia
Ken Veronda - 1940, Good Times Again
Bill Warren - "Alexander MacKenzie" : An Earlier Explorer
Helene Demeestere - French Pioneers, 1827-1887
William J Ehrheart : Corriganville
Dr. Leonard Pitt - Decline of the Californios
Nick Curry - The Guggenheim Legacy
Angela Aleiss with M. Wanamaker - Making the White Man's Indian : Native Americans and Hollywood Movies
Nicolas Witschi - I Don't Like Newspaper Notoriety : Gunslingers
Philip Nathanson - Early So. California Photographers
Sayre MacNeil - Walk San Francisco - Los Angeles, May 1907
Mormon Handcart
Emily McEwan - The Mission Inn, Riverside CA
Dydia DeLyser - Bodie Ghost Town
Bob Ferguson - Tales of a Cattle Rancher
Marc Wanamaker - Western Cinema : Real and Imagined
Thomas Andrews - Industrializing the West
Phil Brigandi - Death Valley Chuckwalla