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Ernestine Rose Alviso Chapman Ponsford
Lawrence Millard
Mrs. Karp
Ed Chadbourne
Margaret (Granny) Overacker
Ruy Kern
Jack Stevenson
Elizabeth Lowrie
Edna Tyson
Historical Architectural Review Board (HARB) meeting at Ohlone College regarding Weed Replica Building in Mission San Jose
Georgia Chalmers Wagner
Georgia Chalmers Wagner
Oral History excerpts
Randy Power
Slayton's Pioneering by Earl Mackinstosh
Fremont City Council Meeting Excerpts regarding Warm Springs Hotel
Ohlone College Board Meeting Excerpts: New Location of College Campus
Whipple Family and Rose Driscoll
Maria Brazil and her son Rudy Brazil
Hal Angus and Marie Sharp Bishop
Antone S. Amaral