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PIA/CYA Work Programs
San Quentin 6/4/1984-6/5/1984
California Training Facility: Overcrowding
Avenal Employees Leaving, Susanville and Enviorns, and Webb Interview
You Can Make A Difference
SQ#4 6/30/1982
Johnny Cash at Soledad
Governor Deukmejian Dedication Ceremonies: California Medical Facility-South, New Prison Vacaville
California Training Facility - North Yard
Ione Prison Construction
Made in Prison
Paroles, Pen pal
Black and white stills of Capitol, Leg. Chambers c. 1940, San Quentin c. 1871
San Diego Groundbreaking, Folsom Construction
Pelican Bay State Prison, SHU
Pro-Prison Citizens
New Inmates at Northern California Women's Facility
Planning and Construction Meetings
Groundbreaking Ceremonies: New Folsom Prison
New Prisons
Operations and Accounting
New Prisons
Ione Prison Construction #2 --- New Folsom Inmates #1