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New Prison Construction
Governor Deukmejian: California Medical Facility New Prison Tour
California Training Facility: Overcrowding
Construction Shots
Correctional Training Facilities Industries
Pro-Prison Citizens
New Prisons
San Diego Groundbreaking, Folsom Construction
Parole Ride-Along
Planning and Construction Meetings
San Quentin footage
Operations and Accounting
New Prisons
Ione Prison Construction #2 --- New Folsom Inmates #1
California Corrections: View from Within
Avenal Employees Leaving, Susanville and Enviorns, and Webb Interview
SQ#4 6/30/1982
C.D.C. - INF - PGM. Aerial Shots: Folsom, Sierra, D.V.I., San Quentin, Vacaville
Wardens and Superintendent's Meeting
Avenal: New Inmates and Construction
Pelican Bay State Prison, SHU
San Quentin 4/6/1983
Johnny Cash at Soledad