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[Toltecas Danzantes, Toltecas Danzas, Toltecas Aztlan Danzas at San Diego Chicano Park]
Mexican Border and interview with Ramses Noriega
[Califas Conference - Sessions 1 - 5]
Malaquias Montoya
[Ricardo Favela Interview and tile making -- Royal Chicano Air Force Interview at Centro Artistas Chicanos]
Conference Lunch, UC Santa Cruz
[Music by Los Illegals / Luis Valdez ]
Rupert Garcia Interview
Ray Patlan
Murals, San Jose
[Daniel Valdez Interview and music]
[Aerial Views of Chicano Park and Chicano Park Day]
Dia de los Muertos celebration
John Valadez, Gilbert Lujan
Music, lowrider club, menudo cookoff
Music by Los Illegals
David Avalos, Centro Cultural de la Raza
Judy Baca Interview
David Botello
Victor Ochoa and Veronica Enrique, Centro Cultural de la Raza
Mission, S.F., Royal Chicano Air Force, Murals, Southside Park, K Street
Great wall of Los Angeles with artists working, Eva Cockcroft, Patssi Valdez
Reservoir/Pacheco Pass/Highway 152/ASCO exhibit
Los Muertos exhibit/2nd wave exhibit/T. Drescher