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: "Baer,\ Max,\ 1909\-1959"

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Max Baer Show (Cliff House)
Max Baer and Lou Nova, Eddie Cantor
Max Baer Show
Max Baer interview with Hal Peary
Jack Dempsey, Joan Dempsey, David Rose, Victor Mature
Max Baer - Rosemary Clooney interview
Dewey Martin, Buddy Baer, Steve Geray
Max Baer interviewing Carlton Carpenter, Fernando Lamas, Howard Keel, Kay Brown at MGM
Max Baer Broadcast with Jimmie Durante & Eddie Jackson
Clyde Beatty, Arthur Lake, Kirk Douglas
Max Baer - Dennis Day
Larry Cotton, Jean Simmons, Alan Young
Preston Foster, Wayne Morris interview
Max Baer Show guest Humphrey Bogart, Jan Sterling
Billy Daniels guest on Max Baer Show
Max Baer Interviews - Charles Laughton, Royal Beal