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Cuffe Ranch Photograph Album 2

Media type
Photograph Album
98 Pages
11.5 x 6.75 in
Copyright Statement
Public domain. No restrictions on use.
Country of Creation
United States
Source Institution
Call Number
Archival Resource Key Link
Additional Technical Notes about materials
For being approximately 97 years old the condition is good/stable. The second red page has a vertical tear in the center and has been partially taped until I can decide how to tackle it in a better way, but should not interfere with scanning. The pages are not bound. There are black sheet protectors I front and the remaining are unprotected red sheets. I have put a page number on the black section, 1-18 on blue tape for readability and continued the numbering on the red sheets in pencil in the lower left corner for convenience of keeping them in order. There is a total of 96 pages of the 96 there are two that do not require scanning (in black section). No unfolding of original pages Is necessary.