Tuskegee Airmen George T. Mitchell interview: TAI Convention
Tuskegee Airmen Fitzroy "Buck" Newsum interview: TAI Convention
Antonia Brico: UCR Humanities 400 Theatre
Alex Haley: UCR Humanities 400 Theatre
John Dean III: UCR Humanities 400 Theatre
Tuskegee Airmen Robert Lawrence interview: TAI Convention
Tuskegee Airmen Harvey Alexander interview: TAI Convention
Dedication of the University of California College of Letters and Sciences at Riverside
36. Tuolumne 1948
The Story of Water
Protecting San Francisco Bay
The Eel River…. Friend and Foe
Beach Erosion and Seadrift, Stinson Beach, Bolinas, CA; Placing Longard Tube and Rip Rap
15. Weekend Camps Yosemite
16. Yosemite with Harry 1941
17. Yosemite 1943 Ski Chase
Diablo Break Water Model PG+E
Wind Wave --- California Aqueduct
A Laboratory Study of Sea Water Intrusion
11. [Ski Pictures Old Yosemite Sequoia]