J.H. Kwabena Nketia oral history, lectures, and selected pieces, 2000
Sephardic songs: La victoria de Israel: Seish Diaz I Noches Fuertes; La Gloria de Israel: Una Nacion Chikita
1964 UCLA Folk Festival: Lecture Demonstration: British Labor Protest Songs / A.L. Lloyd
Bora Özkök
Morning Session, Day 3, Music Foundation National Gospel Music Conference and Exposition, October 20-23, 2004
Sephardic music
Khmer Dance and Music Project: Los Angeles Festival, September 1990
1963 UCLA Folk Festival: Workshop: Mandolin and Fiddle
Musical Aesthetics in Los Angeles: Fieldwork Presentations
Khmer Dance and Music Project: Kbach Khmer
Music of African Americans in California, lecture by Evelyn Freeman Roberts
Art and the Prison Crisis (1982)
Sephardic music: Marco Ande Vash vos Capitano
Sephardic music: Andreas Taximes
1964 UCLA Folk Festival: Concert: New Folks Concert
Evelyn Freeman Roberts Roberts Receiving Declaration from Mayor Tom Bradley
Khmer Dance and Music Project: Ramnong song, Water goes through sand, April 9, 1990 ; Khmer New Year, Angkeung, April 1990
Tim Peterson Singers' Fall Gospel Praise Fest (Showcase Concert
1963 UCLA Folk Festival: Workshop: Blues Guitar and Piano
Don Ellis "live" in San Luis Obispo, February 4, 1972