Oh How We Danced
Sephardic music: Marco Lily
Father Charles Boykins, Associate Pastor of St. John's Catholic Church; Father Charles Burns at St. John's Catholic Church
Sephardic music: Mentesh Jeni Isaac Susan
Albert McNeil interviewed by Bette Yarbrough Cox
Father William Norvel, Pastor St. Brigid Catholic Church
Sephardic music: Mañana, Issac Sene, oud
Sephardic music: Isaac Sene Net Samarel Vitoria Hazan Hik
Young Saints at the 1984 Olympics
Marl Young interviewed by Bette Yarbrough Cox
1964 UCLA Folk Festival: Workshop: Cowboy Songs
Don Ellis at the Berkshire Festival at Tanglewood 1968
Bernadette Davis, President St. Bernadette Catholic Church Choir