Sephardic music: Mahman en el Park
David Walker, Assistant Director St. Bernadette Catholic Church Choir
Musical Aesthetics in Los Angeles: Gerald Wilson, Charles Moore, Herb Boyd
Sephardic music: Isaac Sene con el Ud Jack Vayolin
Sephardic music: Lily Mustafa Sagysar, Voices from Instanbul Dan Sesler
Don Ellis and the Hindustani Quintet "live" at the Ice House, September 13, 1965
Young Saints, Second Baptist Church, Men's Day, Pastor Epps
Don Ellis "live" at Donte's, February 9, 1975
Sephardic music: Esquenazi Miami
Mrs. Nedra Frazier member of St. Brigid Catholic Church
Aman Folk Ensemble performing Laura Dean's "Light"
Don Ellis "live" at HS Lordships
Khmer Dance and Music Project: Cambodian musicians, Valerio, Van Nuys
1965 UCLA Folk Festival: Concert: Evening Concert
Don Ellis "live" at Palomar College, December 6, 1975
The Third Annual Spirit Award and Benefit Dinner, sponsored by the Filipino American Heritage Institute and the Filipino American Library
1963 UCLA Folk Festival: Concert: Friday Night Concert
Sephardic music: Haim Affendi Mareo
1963 UCLA Folk Festival: Workshop: Mandolin
Musical Aesthetics in Los Angeles: Steve Hochman