1964 UCLA Folk Festival: Concert: Blues Music
Songs and stories from Native Northwest California, representing the Yurok and Tolowa: brush dance, feather dance, and gambling songs (April 12, 1976)
Don Ellis "live" at Donte's, February 2, 1975
Young Saints, 1985
Sephardic music: Jack Maish Victora Hazan
Don Ellis "live" at the Great American Music Hall, March 28-29, 1975
Sephardic music: Arabic en turco
Aman International Music and Dance Company: 9 1/2 Promotional Video
1965 UCLA Folk Festival: Workshop: Fiddle and Banjo
1963 UCLA Folk Festival: Workshop: Banjo-Fiddle
Sephardic music: Gregas Turca Haim
Sephardic music: Jenie Perez
Sephardic music: Gregas Nisim Barlia
43rd Annual International Folk Dance Festival at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion
Don Ellis "live" at In Your Ear, 1971
CIM Animation Workshops - California Institution for Men in Chino
Don Ellis "live" at Chapman College, May 13, 1974
Gary Schwartz - Animation - California Institution for Men in Chino
Don Ellis "live" at Magic Mountain, Summer 1973
Sephardic music