1965 UCLA Folk Festival: Workshop: Collecting
1963 UCLA Folk Festival: Workshop: Banjo Old Style
Watts Labor Community Action Committee
Sephardic music: Fidel Ade Ruf
Don Ellis "live" at Los Angeles Community College, January 14, 1971
Cultural Politics of the 1960s Panel
Don Ellis "live" at UC Irvine, January 29,1972
Young Saints Christmas Show 1988
Don Ellis "live" at Bonesville, March 28, 1967
Music of African Americans in California, lecture by Margie Evans (1992)
Festival of Philippine Arts and Cultures 2003 - San Pedro, CA - Performance 11
Sephardic music: Isaac Sene
Hmong in California: Chia Chue Yang
Hard Copy - California Institution for Men in Chino
Service at Transfiguration Catholic Church (7/25/1982)
UCLA Ethnomusicology Spring Festival of World Music: Afro-Cuban Music (1997)
Compilation I: Video Theater Workshop - California Institution for Men in Chino
Thai Traditional Festival, Hollywood, California, April 26, 1986
Pilipino Veterans Day parade
Sephardic music: Mahman Mentesh Julia Jeni la del Doctor Isaac a de Selomo