Sephardic music: Mantesh Salams echa en Ade Salon Menda
Khmer Dance and Music Project: Apsara
Aman Folk Ensemble, Crescent City, California
Maurice "Deedie" McGehee - Religious Music and Black America (audio)
Sephardic music: Turcas
Sephardic music: From Your Father, Isaac
Heritage Music Foundation Sacred Christmas Music Workshop 2004, Day Three
Immij at Women's Festival of Music ; X-Syndrome at the El Rey Theatre
AFAMILA Festival at UCLA (Schoenberg Music Building)
1963 UCLA Folk Festival: Workshop: Mandolin
Musical Aesthetics in Los Angeles: Steve Hochman
Sephardic music: Haim Affendi Mareo
Young Saints: Wings Over Jordan We Remember
Young Saints: I Remember Wings Over Jordan
1964 UCLA Folk Festival: Concert: New Folks Concert
Sephardic music: Esta Es Isaac Guenos En Turco
1964 UCLA Folk Festival: Workshop: Music and Dance of Mexico
Don Ellis "live" at UCLA, May 14, 1974
Realities: Yard Art / Schooled Art
Meters Class, Day 1, Heritage Music Foundation National Gospel Music Conference and Exposition, October 20-23, 2004.