[Monterey Peninsula Excursion / California Western’s Union Lumber Company Ten Mile Branch Excursion]
[Sacramento Boat Parade]
[Scenes of McCloud River - Part Two]
[Central Pacific Railroad stock certificate]
Mattley Airplane and Motor Company, E. San Bruno Avenue at 7th Avenue, ca. 1933
[Excursion Trips]
Aerial View of Mills Field Municipal Airport, ca. 1927
Transport for Tomorrow
Potrero, CA
Shades of Whittier - Tony
Female passenger and engine of the Mt. Tamalpais and Muir Woods Railway
Fresh for your health
Summit of Mt. Tamalpais, (2592 feet) California. Mountain Train Leaving Tavern
[Sierra Railroad  / Lake Tahoe and Camino Railroad Excursions]
San Bruno Train Station, ca. 1910s
[Sierra Railroad Excursion]
[California peninsula view from a vestibule]
Trolley, Snow on ground
[Scenes of Big Trees, California and Roaring Camp]
Shades of Yolo - Almond Orchard