Muir Inn at Muir Woods, National Park, Mt. Tamalpais, Marin County, California
Northwestern Pacific Railroad ticket
Timetable for Northwestern Pacific Railroad
Timetable for Mt. Tamalpais & Muir Woods Railway
Train Leaving Summit of Mt. Tamalpais, California
Nearing the Summit of Mt. Tamalpais
Rapid transit: when? where? how?
Eary Dunphy
Shades of Sutter County - High Water
Shades of Yolo - Almond Orchard
John Eaton
Anna Kelley, An Oral History
Harmon "Bud" Day Interview
[Eliminate Feather Bedding - Yes on Proposition #17]
KNTV News Reels May 21, 1969
[Western Pacific Railroad  dining car menu]
[Central Pacific Railroad steam locomotive No. 4 ]
Go Western Pacific to San Francisco
[Southern Pacific steam locomotives, cab forwards, passenger and freight trains]
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