Santa Ana Baptist Sunday School Classes: Rev. Owings, Pastor
La Jolla Ramona - Marriage Place
San Francisco Fair
First Baptist Church of Santa Ana - Lucy
Caliente - San Diego
Disney California Adventure
Knott's Billboards
Orange County Supervisor Candidates Debate - 2nd District
Governor George W. Bush In Orange County
President Clinton in Orange County
1993 Orange County High School All Star Basketball Game
Knott's Berry Farm:  Calico Show 3/16/1952, Calico show 3/23/1952
Knott's Berry Farm: PRSA Workshop
Knott's Berry Farm: Ghost Town 3/30/1952, Ghost Town 4/6/1952
Knott's Berry Farm: Independence Hall Declaration Chamber
Knott's Berry Farm: KNX CBS
Knott's Berry Farm: Speech on Tourism by Dean Davisson
Black, Gray and White: The Foundings and Fading of the California Missions
The Theory and the Reality: Russo-Hispanic Relationship in Alta California
Mission Era Gardens and Landscapes