La Jolla Ramona - Marriage Place
San Francisco Fair
First Baptist Church of Santa Ana - Lucy
Caliente - San Diego
60th Anniversary First Baptist Church of Santa Ana
Harlow House
Dam No. 1 & 2
Proposition 13 Debates 3
President Bush's Visit to Rancho Del Rio
Mission Period Art, Architecture, and Reconstruction
Black, Gray and White: The Foundings and Fading of the California Missions
The Theory and the Reality: Russo-Hispanic Relationship in Alta California
Mission Era Gardens and Landscapes
The Mission Environment
California Through the Eyes of European Observers 1769-1821
Family Life in Hispanic California
The Ordinary Landscape of Hispanic California: Economic Differences Between Missions and Ranchos
The Decline of the Ranchos and the Rise of American Culture
OCN Tape #00810
OCN Tape #0802