Bay Area foundation history
California State finance in the 1940's
Concern for the individual: the community YWCA and other Berkeley organizations
A journalist's perspective: government and politics in California and the Bay Area
Law enforcement, race relations: 1930-1960
Richard M. Nixon in the Warren era
The Shipboard Murder Case: Labor, Radicalism, and Earl Warren, 1936-1941
Hydrology, geomorphology, and environmental policy: U.S. Geological Survey, 1950-1972 and UC Berkeley, 1972-1987
Artist, and wildlife and environmental defender
California assemblywoman, 1952-1976: Pauline L. Davis
The California State Department of Water Resources, 1967-1973
Paul Schuster Taylor testimony before the California State Assembly Water Committee
The University, the community, and the lifeblood of business
Education of an artist
Japanese-American Relocation Reviewed
Enforcing the law against gambling, bootlegging, graft, fraud, and subversion, 1922-1942
Bee perspectives of the Warren Era
The governor and the public, the press, and the legislature
Earl Warren and the Youth Authority