Goat Island
Large group at Big Lagoon
Winner of Dipsea Race
Inspiration Point, Mount Tamalpais, California
Early pioneers of Mill Valley, including Sidney Cushing
Golden Gate from Big Lagoon
Homestead School class, with George Stutzman
Three men outside a store at Willow Camp
Carte de visite portrait of an unidentified woman in the Reed family
Summit School first grade class, February 1904
Coyne family member
Willow Camp, Adele Guy in bathing costume
Willow Camp pyramid
Summit School 6th and 7th grade classes
Letter from Royal Indemnity Company to Mt. Tamalpais & Muir Woods Railway
The second Thomas B. Deffebach II
William H. Wetterau, smoking a pipe
Redwoods, Profile Rock, Mountain Train Ascending Mt. Tamalpais
Willow - Babe Guy and Raymond Coyne
Homestead School students and teacher