On Shima Center
Oakland takes shape: historical and cultural preservation in an urban context
James Baldwin : questions and answers, Wheeler Auditorium, UCB, 4/26/74
The Ecumenical Association for Housing
A People's Temple meeting with Jim Jones
Preliminary briefing on the effects of the October 17, 1989 earthquake
Buses and vans
Bitter memories: Tule Lake
After Alcatraz: American Indian uprisings, 2/4/99
Angela Davis, keynote address, 2/4/99
Musical innovators, 2/5/99
Popular organizing and people's movements, 2/4/99
Readings by Maxine Hong Kingston's Veterans Writing Workshop and Robert Hass, 2/5/99
As we see it: student opinions of UC Berkeley
Interview with Les Blank and Maureen Gosling; Profile of Herbert Quick; Panel Discussion of the California Pelican
New architecture in the Oakland Hills: an exhibition at Limn Company
Technology and the university, 2/6/99
Beyond the boomers
Challenge of multiracial democracy
David Harris lecture, 2/5/99