Camp Whitsett, Boy Scouts, 1940s, 001
Captain Percival Prescott-Richardson, Prerecorded
Mrs. Loretta Schulman, Oral History
William Mulholland, Oral History
Stagecoaching in California: Remarks by Edgar Orr at a Meeting of LAVC Historical Museum Association
Mrs. Clara Allington, Oral History
Valley Minimalsim by Shelia Hazlett
Henry and Chester DeCarlo, Oral History
Jorgensen, Larry, Oral History
Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Davies, Oral History
Mrs. Grace Johnson Kizer, oral History
Valley Federal Savings and Loan, 1950s, 012
William P. Whitsett, 1950s, 002
Dr. James Slosson addresses the LAVC Historical Museum Association on "Earthquakes"
Mrs. Louise Weddington Carson, Oral History
Barbara Baron, Oral History
Roy Rodgers, 1950s, 001
Whitsett, Mulholland, 1950s, 001
California and San Fernando Valley Intro by Banny Strand
Speaker Barney McNulty, Los Angeles Valley College Historical Museum Association Meeting