Kenneth Hahn dedicatory ceremonies at MLK for Dr. L.R. Weekes, 9/5/80
Regeneracion 1913-08-16
Pasadena Playhouse: Historic Footage
Frank Wilkinson Interview
Colorado River and Boulder Dam shots
Mt. Lowe Edison
Construction of Mammoth Pool
Ruth St. Denis talk on Rhythmic Choir
The Mountaineers, 1928-1933
Kenneth Hahn, Washington, others with Employment sign
Hahn, Bradley seated at event
L.A. Smog - Concerned Citizens for Honest Smog Research
Woman with sunglasses at podium
Martin Luther King, Jr., Hospital Medical and Support Building Groundbreaking
Ward Ritchie Interview
Christmas, 1938
Martin Luther King Day Birthday Program at Martin Luther King, Jr. Hospital
Chickens and the modern poultry ranch
Martin Luther King, Jr. Hospital "topping out" ceremony
Pasadena Playhouse: Personal Messages from Dana Andrews.