California Indians - Food
Gardening for Victory
Meyberg Garden – Honnold Desert Flowers
Food During Fiestas
Homestead School students and teachers
Donald Smith next to garden holding dog
Two women cooking at library
Brick Oven Bread Bakers Conference
Father in Imperial Valley
Cookery: Choice Recipes Cookbook by the Woman's Club of Palo Alto
Shades of Sutter County - Making Sushi
Trujillo family and a friend posing in front of the old house on Trujillo Ranch, Tapanga, California
1960 Orchard and Garden Book
Orchard and Garden Book 1961
Orchard and Garden Book 1950
California Nursery Co. 1952
California Nursery Co. 1953
California Nursery Company 1954
Shades of Watsonville - Watsonville Apples