Interview of Dr. Irwin O. Addicott / [Interview with Mr. H. Aram Zipper]
Interview of Lawson J. Allen and Mamie Allen Wachold
Interview with Mrs. J.C. Forkner / Interview 'Morning People' Navelencia
Hi Loy Wong, Fresno pioneer farmer
Two girls posing- June Martin and June Brunner
Tong Sing Company
Three Girls in Chinatown
Fresno Chinese Mission Sunday School class with missionary Amy Purcell
Child posing in outdoor market Chinatown, China Alley and Tulare
Wife of Hi Loy Wong, Fresno pioneer farmer
Jefferson Milam Shannon with granddaughter Marie
Chinese Public School of Central California group shot
New China Super Service Station
Chinese community picnic, Riverview Park
Armenian Relief Society picnic, Roeding Park
New China Super Service, street scene
New China Super Service, car wash
Fresno Women's Chorus
Lisle Boys Choir
Fresno County road construction crew