International Women's Day Demonstrations at FCI Dublin
La Raza Unida Convention 1972
International Women's Day March & Anti-Apartheid Demo in San Francisco
Interviews with Puerto Rican Women Prisoners of War
Geronimo Pratt: National Black Human Rights Coalition (NBHRC)
International Hotel (I-Hotel)
Sexto Sol: Palace of the Fine Arts
Comunicacion Aztlan/Los Topos/El Grito del Norte Panel (Conclusion)
Frente Conference
The Looters: Live at the Kennel Club and Baby Boom
Comunicacion Aztlan Unknown Tapes
The Looters: "No Way" in Studio
Interview with Fred Ross
Interview with Bert Corona
Padua Hills
Interview with Guillermo Martiniez, First Trip
Interview with Galarza
Interview with Bernadino Preciado and Venturo Moreno
Interview with Oakland Technical High Students and Teachers
The Looters: Back from Nicaragua