[Jerry Brown talks to whales]
IBM 650 RAMAC, number 3
Dia de los Muertos celebration
Earthquake scenes
[KNTV News Reel October 20, 1979]
Don Smith hugging dog with cat in the window
[Sacramento 2: California election, 1974. Jerry Brown gets the nod]
Apollo 11 Moon landing
Downtown San Francisco, Fisherman's Wharf, and the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge
Bye-Bye Baby
[Anne and Bill Armor, Summer 1948]
[Harvey Milk interview at Castro Camera, March 1978]
[Spinning the cables on the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge]
Class 1937
[Beatles in Northern California]
Bay Area Parks and Zoos
Jung Family, Summer 1956
Pacific Western Traders - Songs of California Indians
From the mission to Mill Valley: the history of the Irish in San Francisco