Fresco workshop - Lucienne Bloch and Stephen Pope Dimitroff
[Home movies. Brower. Family trip to Yosemite & Bodie]
California Working Women in the 1940s
Shades of Richmond - Pumpkins
Anais Nin
[Home Movie: Zellerbach Family, Bike Riding, Children Playing, Indoor Swimming Pool Scenes]
Crab Industry
Dance card
[Oak Park #1]
[Group portrait of employees of the Southern Pacific Railroad Sacramento Shops]
Giant trees of California
[KNTV News Broadcast October 26, 1965]
Bohulano Family, Travel and Party
Ginsberg / Ferlinghetti
Shades of Anaheim - Making Omochi
[Sunset Tower Records, Los Angeles]
Garment workers in Los Angeles
Fresh for your health
[Farm Labor #2]
Golden Gate Bridge Celebration, May 20th, 1937