Caliente - San Diego
Collection of tintype photographs of unidentified Reed family members
[Home movies. Haas/Lilienthal. Eel River 1948]
Clark Family Home movies R.B. at School with Sister Georgina
Viva La Causa 2
Shades of Whittier - Victory Garden
The second Thomas B. Deffebach II, portrait with hat in hand
[Home movies. Haas/Lilienthal. S.L. (Samuel Lilienthal) 1932-1933]
[S.F. to Rainier, from A. Burr, 1772 Vallejo St.]
[Home movies. James David Zellerbach. 1929 family retreat]
Elyssa and Eleanor Warner
Charles James Dowd
Portrait of Carlotta Suarez Reed and John Joseph Reed
[Home movies. Haas/Lilienthal. Fannie Wiel. Tahoe. Winter snow 1929?]
Hurlbut Home movies (Reels 59-65)
U.S.F. Constitution in San Pedro
Catholic life scenes in Oakland and San Francisco, 1930s to 1940s
El Futuro De Nuestra Raza
Clark Family Home movies  Spreckles and Freckles