Collier home movie, track meet/children riding bicycles
Frank Collier U.S. Air Force home movie
Lake Tahoe, 1957
Home Movies--Muscle Beach #1
Nixon rally - BH California; Nixon-Eisenhower film; (?) school 1959
Demolition of Peter Burnett Junior High School Main Building
Fiesta de las Rosas Parade and Family Home Movie
Hurlbut Home movies (Reels 51-58)
Hurlbut Home movies (Reels 72-79)
Home Movies--Muscle Beach #6
Camp Sacramento home movies
Oral interview of Manuela Serna
Ann's Birthday 1953
Jimmy 1937
[Home movies. James David Zellerbach. Events of 1929]
Henry "Buzz" Glass: a book, a chapter, a life... in folk dance, 1915 to present
Manzanar Home Movies, 1944
Family in Bakersfield w/ sister Joanne, Mother, Sean (about 8)
Hurlbut Home movies with John Wayne
[U. Utah Phillips Performance]