Clark Family Home movies  Mammoth Fishing Jeff and Mom
Ontario's 75th anniversary Diamond Jubilee and the July 4th All States Picnic and Parade, 1957
Family in Bakersfield w/ sister Joanne, Mother, Sean (about 8)
Shades of Monterey - Children
Whittier Family Home Movies 1, primarily footage of a cruise, circa 1945-1950.
Home Movies of the Cameron Family: Tenaya
Portrait of Lorena Bell Dorsey as a young woman, in a chair
Portrait of Hilarita Reed Lyford
Harold N. Ouye Home Movies: Reel 77
John Rains and John Reed in souvenir photograph
[Home movies. James David Zellerbach. 1929 family retreat]
Shades of Whittier - Victory Garden
Shades of Humboldt - Family Portrait
Shades of Whittier - First Communion
[S.F. to Rainier, from A. Burr, 1772 Vallejo St.]
The second Thomas B. Deffebach II, portrait with hat in hand
Shades of Anaheim - Family Portrait
Clark Family Home movies R.B. at School with Sister Georgina
Shades of Long Beach - Watching
Collection of tintype photographs of unidentified Reed family members