Topanga Picnic - Easter
Portrait of Sarah E. Boyle as a child
Southern California footage, vol. 5
Portrait of James Vernon Chase
E. E. Wood family members
Two carte de visite photographs of Hilaria Sanchez Reed Garcia
Clark Family Home movies Easter Q.V. / Bunny Hunt R.B. and Pam
Saint Francis statue by Bufano installed
James Vernon Chase in military uniform
Ontario All States Picnic, 1948-1952
William H. Wetterau, smoking a pipe
Portrait of Hilarita Reed Lyford
Clark Family Home movies  Yosemite 1 and 2
Clark Family Home movies San Francisco and Xmas 1948
Santa Ana Baptist Sunday School Classes: Rev. Owings, Pastor
Charles James Dowd and Charlotte Dowd
Home Movies of the Cameron Family: Tenaya
Ontario's 75th anniversary Diamond Jubilee and the July 4th All States Picnic and Parade, 1957
Kids singing folk songs
Clark Family Home movies Pig #1 and Pig #2