KPFA News: Raleigh Prison Riot; Invitation to an Inquest; Princeton Conferance, 1971/72
[KQED Newsroom and KPFA News 7/9/70]
Two Press Conferences; Street Radio (KPFA)
KPFA: Japan Press about Okinawa Islands; Free Huey Benefit Announcement, 1969
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[Move on the Vacaville Project of Prison Law Project 10/21/72]
The Student Generation and the Exposure of Hypocrisy; Free Speech Movement (KPFA), 1965
April 9th, 1971 Chinese Students Rally to Protest Shenkaku/Diaoyutai Islands Dispute at Portsmouth Square, San Francisco; KPFA News review of Shenkaku/Diaoyutai Dispute
[Sproul Rally, "One Berkeley Community" 3/10/71-3/11/71]
[KPFA News Soledad Brothers Trial 3/14/72]
On Black People and Jazz; End of Ron Dellums Speech; KPFA News; Peter Shapiro article on Hayakawa; Two Black Panthers on the Montreal Conference (KPFA), 1968
Candidates Meeting; The Moral Responsibility of the Physician; Real Law and Order (KPFA), 1967
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Sproul Rally; Robert Ronaldo Commentary (original recording/KPFA), 1969
An Updated Program on Ruchell Magee: Before His Trial; Mark Schwartz Speaks to Relatives of Larry Justice & Earl Gibson (KPFA), 1972