Plat Showing the Lands Owned by the Heirs of Jas. McNasser
Map of the Town of Folsom, Sacramento County
Map of the State of California, Part 2 of 3
Telegraphic Wire Map of the Entire World
Map of the United States of America
Nova Totius Terrarum Orbis Geographica Ac Hydrographica Tabula (Map of the New World)
America with those Known Parts in that Unknowne Worlde
Map of Mexico and California
Gray's Atlas - Map of the City of Sacramento
La Californie ou Nouvelle Caroline (California or New Carolina)
Bancroft's Map of the Mineral Districts of Northern Lower California
Map of Oregon and Upper California
pascaert vande zuyd zee en een gedeelte van Brasil (Pass of the southern sea and part of Brasil)
Elk Grove Quadrangle, Part 1 of 2
Topographic Map of the Sacramento Valley
Geomorphic Map of California
Type of Farming Areas Sacramento River Valley
Florin Quadrangle, Part 1 of 2