Max Baer interviewing Carlton Carpenter, Fernando Lamas, Howard Keel, Kay Brown at MGM
Oral interview of Presbytera Eleutheria Dogias
Oral interview of Eugene Fotos
Oral interview of Dr. Efstratis Zampathas
Oral interview of Marie Hebuk Rasmussen
Oral interview of Marie Martella Ojala
[N.M. Alling Iron Works]
D.J. Show - Max Baer and Al Shaver for Paraplegic Fund
[Governor Ronald Reagan #6]
[California Coastal Commission]
[Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.]
My School
Olympic Games boxing sub-regional trials for California counties and the state of Nevada
Alien in the Midst
A conversation with Earl Warren
Nathaniel Colley interview
Old Sacramento: As it was, as it is, as it could be
Report to the people
City Scene, June 26, 1979
City Scene, May 1, 1979