Sacto Kings 11-26-1985
Oral interview of Emeterio F. Galeste
Oral interview of Remedios P. Galeste
[Proposition 13]
Sen. Barry Goldwater Lincoln Day Dinner speech, El Dorado Hotel, Sacramento, February 1964
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[KCRA daily newsfilm #5, July 1960]
Oral interview of Carl Elving
Oral history of Wataru (Dubby) Tsugawa
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[Bakke Protests]
[Redevelopment - Sacramento Redevelopment]
Interview of Dr. Melvin Lawson about his wife Verna M. Lawson by Olga Perkins Blair
Harold N. Ouye Home Movies: Reel 15
City Scene, October 23, 1979
Oral interview of Paul Westmoreland
Comstock Club Speakers: 45-48
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Library Block Demolition
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